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  2. APR: How do I run and submit an APR based on the 2017 guidance?  
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  11. PIT: Why does the Point in Time report show fewer people than are actually in the family project?  
  12. PIT: Why is the number in the Unsheltered Point in Time report not the same as the number of records in the dataset?  
  13. SPM: How do I get the data that I need for the Data Quality portion of the SPM submission?  
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  15. SPMs: What are the steps for running and submitting System Performance Measures?  
  16. SPMs: Where can I get more information about HUD’s System Performance Measures?  
  17. SPMs: Why does SPM 4 show significantly fewer people for the most recent fiscal year than past years?  
  18. There are clients showing up on my report that were exited a while ago? Why is this?  
  19. There are questions in the APR or CAPER that say that we are missing annual assessments but we have entered them. Why is this?  
  20. Why is a change in client income not reflected in the APR or CAPER?  
  21. Why is a Deleted Client still showing in a report?  

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